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Shed for Sale Rivoli

Cascine Vica (to) - Via Alessandria, 4/B

Ref. 115348
€ 4.450.000

Complex in the INDUSTRIAL ZONE of Rivoli (To) in the Cascine Vica district, adjacent to the Corso Allamano exit of the Turin ring road and to the Corso Francia route.
The building was built in the 1960s. Cadastral Category D / 7.
Shed Load-bearing structure in reinforced concrete, with Shed roof. Regular shape, it is spread over 16,660 square meters, with a further 4,830 square meters. in the basement (with a height of 4.40 meters). The internal structure is made up of a network of pillars (distance 11.50 meters) with a height under the beam of meters. 7.50 and mt. 5.00. The structure is completed by a warehouse / side storage area of approx. About 1.650, with a height of mt. 6.50 / 7.50; access from n. 4 driveways of width mt. 5.00. Ample room for maneuver for means of transport with 2,500 square meters. approximately of courtyard area. OFFICE AREA Composed of two buildings. A) First building overlooking Via Pavia, with large private parking. Composed of 3 floors + basement, for a total of approx. 2,875. Electrical system according to law, present heating, air conditioning and data network. B) Second building located on Via Alessandria, consisting of 3 floors + basement, for a total of 3.960 sq m; floor 2 is unusable and not used.

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---> Totale_mq <---: 8.825 sq.m
Cab Transformation
Water for industrial use
Outdoor Area
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8.825 sq.m
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Last update 02/05/2024
Shed - Cascine Vica (to)
Shed for Sale
Rivoli - Via Alessandria, 4/B
Cascine Vica (to)
€ 4.450.000
ico mq8.825 sq.m
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